If you have issues, try refreshing the page, pressing "Start again" below and asking for help on the Nintendo Homebrew Discord.
Warning: DO NOT inject a movable.sed obtained from here into your nand. Your 3ds will no longer boot if you do. This movable.sed is only to be used for encrypting/decrypting savedata and dsiware.

Welcome to bruteforcemovable.com! This service is supported by the people who run the bruteforce script! You should be following 3ds.hacks.guide to use this service. You may find it harder to get help if you aren't using this guide! To use this service, type your Friend Code and your id0 in the box below or upload a movable_part1.sed if you already have it.

(how to get)

Important: Using the 3DS friends list, register as a new online friend.
See Nintendo instructions for more assistance with adding friends here.
It is connected to this website and will automatically retrieve your movable_part1 when you add it to your friendlist. Simply add it back and wait for it to process your friend code. If nothing on this website changes after you add the bot, refresh the page.

If you have your own GPU, then download movable_part1.sed and go back to the guide and bruteforce the movable.sed yourself. Otherwise, press Continue if you need someone else to bruteforce it.

The bruteforce client is currently disabled while the rest of the service is disabled. Ask on the Nintendo Homebrew Discord for a friend to bruteforce if you need it or follow this guide to bruteforce it yourself.

If you are bruteforceing with your own GPU, you don't need to press this button! If you downloaded your part1 on accident or for another reason, click here to turn it on again.

Wait for the bruteforce to complete. Feel free to leave the website running in the background or even close it. This may take up to an hour, but it usually lasts about 30 minutes and sometimes less. Don't worry if your GPU is not powerful because this is happening on another computer. While you wait, please check that your ID0 is correct and cancel the job if it is not, or you will be waiting forever! If you have been waiting a while and nothing has happened, try refreshing the page
If you cancel the bruteforce, you will have to restart the process!
Download movable.sed and go back to the guide to inject your DSiWare. Thanks to the people who run the bruteforcing script who make this service possible!
Download movable.sed
Attention! If you entered your friend code and id0 and are now at step 4, download your movable.sed and continue. You do not need to do anything more with the bot friend code, movable_part1.sed, Python, or the command line. movable.sed is the final product and requires no further processing. If the guide you are reading suggests you install Python or enter commands into a command prompt, skip that specific section.

Auth keys are no longer needed

BruteforceMovable is powered by the people who run a special script and lend their GPU time to the service. If you have a powerful GPU then please lend it to the service when you aren't using it. Please don't run the script on integrated graphics as it will immensely slow the process for some users! Here's how to do that yourself:
  1. Download and install Python 3 (not 2)
  2. Download seedminer and extract the zip (make sure you are using exactly this version of seedminer!)
  3. Download the latest version of bfm_seedminer_autolauncher.py.
  4. Copy bfm_seedminer_autolauncher.py to the extracted seedminer folder.
  5. Open an admin command prompt by opening Start, typing cmd and pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter. Type "py -3 -m pip install requests" without the quotes and press enter.
  6. Shift+right click in the seedminer folder, press "Open command window here" or "Open Windows Powershell here" and type "py -3 bfm_seedminer_autolauncher.py" to start working. The script will test your GPU for adequate power to help keep the service fast. Press Ctrl+C inside the command window to stop working.
# Miner Name Score
1 ChrisisMode (View Profile) 31790
2 anivia (View Profile) 30885
3 Drewew (View Profile) 21230
4 ahri (View Profile) 12885
5 justinbm26 (View Profile) 11320
6 Braxton092408 (View Profile) 5640
7 zacchi4k (View Profile) 5545
8 Elpunical (View Profile) 4085
9 Spuffles (View Profile) 2800
10 RandalHoffman (View Profile) 790
11 Jstar269 (View Profile) 705
12 Nonog (View Profile) 585
13 TPJ (View Profile) 580
14 nickTheOne (View Profile) 535
15 aaricchavez2 (View Profile) 470
16 djalex (View Profile) 440
17 Delphox (View Profile) 345
18 Cerberusflame99 (View Profile) 330
19 ATiltedTree (View Profile) 325
20 Bambou (View Profile) 145
21 GinGear (View Profile) 140
22 RumpLad (View Profile) 130
23 win9x (View Profile) 80
24 redcubie (View Profile) 75
25 VasInklingGR (View Profile) 70
# Miner Name Score
1 ChrisisMode (View Profile) 25050
2 Gray_Wolf000 (View Profile) 23295
3 Drewew (View Profile) 22440
4 anivia (View Profile) 20175
5 ahri (View Profile) 19985
6 aaricchavez2 (View Profile) 18320
7 justinbm26 (View Profile) 18125
8 jason0597 (View Profile) 17705
9 RandalHoffman (View Profile) 10295
10 MrMelon (View Profile) 7510
11 JackSorrell (View Profile) 5995
12 Jstar269 (View Profile) 3875
13 aaricchavez (View Profile) 2290
14 GinGear (View Profile) 2055
15 HikaDika (View Profile) 1635
16 Slinver (View Profile) 1570
17 Elpunical (View Profile) 1565
18 redcubie (View Profile) 1225
19 JakeS (View Profile) 855
20 nickTheOne (View Profile) 820
21 buychainlink (View Profile) 795
22 hpasley (View Profile) 695
23 Mcharlsto (View Profile) 660
24 Logan (View Profile) 655
25 win9x (View Profile) 480
# Miner Name Score
1 RandalHoffman (View Profile) 181865
2 Drewew (View Profile) 138065
3 jason0597 (View Profile) 128820
4 HikaDika (View Profile) 104565
5 angelsanges (View Profile) 98420
6 nico1287 (View Profile) 86830
7 Sergey (View Profile) 82815
8 Auvrae (View Profile) 78540
9 zacchi4k (View Profile) 63570
10 ChrisisMode (View Profile) 56840
11 anivia (View Profile) 51060
12 LaylaBelle (View Profile) 46625
13 ahri (View Profile) 44105
14 GenesisArk (View Profile) 38940
15 12brendan3 (View Profile) 36815
16 Muffaroo4563 (View Profile) 35615
17 aaricchavez2 (View Profile) 35575
18 justinbm26 (View Profile) 35540
19 t0shi (View Profile) 35225
20 MrB_Virus (View Profile) 25960
21 Gray_Wolf000 (View Profile) 23295
22 TheBronzeKneecap (View Profile) 19715
23 JackSorrell (View Profile) 17785
24 Frinkel (View Profile) 17660
25 Braxton092408 (View Profile) 17645
bruteforcemovable.com is developed by DeadPhoenix, for part1 dumping it uses the service provided by RandalHoffman ~thank you very much for that~. Essentially it is just a rewrite of Seedhelper using PHP so here are the credits for Seedhelper:

Seedhelper is developed by figgyc and is open source. Seedhelper has been possible thanks to many people:
  • @Pirater12 for reverse engineering frd:a and making httpc_curl to make the friend code bot possible
  • @zoogie for creating the seedminer applications and finding the vulnerability
  • @Jisagi for creating the seedminer guide
  • @jason0597, @knight-ryu12, @saibotu, and anyone who has used the service for testing and finding bugs!
  • All Seedhelper miners

Additional BruteforceMovable Credits:
  • @Mike15678 for his work on the autolauncher script and additions to seedminer and bfcl to make mining more efficient
  • @RandalHoffman for providing the part1dumper service
  • All BruteforceMovable miners and everyone who helped out testing and improving the site.